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Nina Vais (Celeste Vasina) is a violinist, electronic music producer, orchestra conductor, composer, singer-songwriter and performer artist from Argentina. Former concertino at the Teatro Colón, currently creating and performing in her own musical style, Nina breaks down the boundaries between musical genres, combining a variety of styles such as electronic, pop, trap, ethnic and classic music.

She's currently working on her second album, while performing in a unique live set show that includes electric violin, singing, live-looping, samplers, between other electronic instruments. She also performs next to DJ's with her electric violin at clubs and festivals, mostly electronic and pop music. Along 2017 y 2018 she performed in venues like: Teatro Gran Rex (opening for the international talent Ara Malikian’s show in Argentina), TED X Rosario, Usina del arte, Rosedal de Palermo, Hipódromo de Palermo (BA Beer Festival and Ohlalá Fest), Museo Fortabat, Faena Art’s Center, among others.

Nina has a prominent career as a clasic musician: at age 16 she was selected by violinist Alberto Lysy (Gstaad Menuhin Academy, Switzerland) to perform a duet next to him in a benefit concert. Maestro Lysy introduced her as a promising young violinist. At age 17 she debuted as a violin soloist with orchestra, at 19 Celeste was the Concertino at Orquesta Académica del Teatro Colón.

In 2014 she graduated from College as Orchestra Conductor and Music Producer. In 2015 she won a prize granted by Universität Mozarteum Salzburg that got her to participate actively in the Conducting Masterclasses by Peter Gülke, and conduct in front of the Ensemble Musicacosi (Salzburg, Austria).

At age 19 an injury in her left elbow forced her to drop her professional career as violinist. That's when she discovered the fascinating world of music production, which made her resignify her contact with music and change the direction of her career. This is how she came in contact with her true passion; creating and performing her music. 

Today she uses the richness and diversity of her journey to create a unique music that consolidates centuries of styles, and





nina's live set

She performs her music in a unique live set that includes electric violin, singing, live-looping, samplers, pedal effects and Ableton Live. Her music combines various styles, such as electronic, pop, trap, ethnic and classic music.



electronic violin show

She performs next to DJ's with her electric violin at clubs, festivals and private events, mostly electronic and pop music. Nina produces, transforms and arranges already famous songs, and rocks every dance floor!!